"Over the past 9 months of coaching Colin has helped me to accelerate my development from manager to leader exponentially!"

We are a new business and at the moment the "we" is me -

I  have been coaching all of my career in corporate life, up to and including exec team / board level. More Than You Think is the product of my passion for helping others develop to be the best they can be.

Who are we

About us


"Colin provided a good opportunity to reflect, review and be challenged on how I lead and provide direction within my business, not just with staff, but also for customers and suppliers!"

Client Feedback

Our passion is for helping others transform their ideas, their businesses and ultimately their lives into something greater than they might have thought possible.

We believe that at the heart of real change is a curiosity about what is and what could be and a passion to make the shift.

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Who we work with

We work across many sizes of business and sectors to help people & organisations excel. We only work where we feel we can support real transformation.

We love working with entrepreneurs, leaders with tough challenges and young people moving from education to a new arena.

How we work

We are a coaching, mentoring and small business consultancy. We work with each client to identify the support needed and build the relationship that provides it.

Most of our work is coaching but we know that many small businesses are looking for a mix of all three approaches.

What we do



All our work starts with an initial client meeting to discuss and understand your needs. It is there to test mutual fit and it is without obligation for both you or us.

When we know we can work together, we align expectations, agree outcomes, sign a contract and go from there!